Readers ask: How To Stretch Wire Fence?

What is a fence stretcher?

Fence stretchers are used to provide the proper amount of tension on wire fences. A tight fence protects livestock and wildlife from getting tangled in the fence which could cause injury or even death. They all work the same with some type of clamp to attach to the wire and a ratcheting system to tighten it.

How do you pull a tight wire?

Loosen wire from the posts where the wire needs tightening. Attach fence tighteners and twist them with a pair of pliers to pull the wire tight again. Reattach the wire to the posts. For new fences, you need to use a fence stretcher tool or a come-along tool to tighten the new wire before you attach it to the posts.

How do you flatten a rolled wire fence?

To get most of the curl out, unroll it “upside down” so that the wire on the end bites into the ground. Put a couple of cement blocks or something heavy on that end. Roll out the rest of the fence, putting weights on it wherever it wants to curl back up. Leave it for a couple of days.

Do you have to stretch field fence?

Over- or under-stretched field fence weakens and sags quickly. Correctly stretched field fence can typically last 20 to 25 years with basic yearly maintenance.

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