Question: What Does Sitting On The Fence Mean?

What is the meaning of the phrase sitting on the fence?

To remain neutral, to refuse to take sides in a dispute; often used in a derogatory way about someone who lacks the courage to decide: “The councilman is afraid he’ll lose votes if he takes sides on the zoning issue, but he can’t sit on the fence forever.”

Where does the phrase sitting on the fence come from?

The term came from the Algonquin ‘Mugquomp’, meaning ‘important person’. The term was not used as a mark of respect, but of derision. They were described by their opponents as birds sitting on a fence, with their mug on one side and their wump on the other.

What does on the fence mean slang?

1 not feeling sure about the truth, wisdom, or trustworthiness of someone or something. He’s on the fence about taking a job with a company that doesn’t use sustainable materials.

Is it OK to sit on the fence?

to delay making a decision: You can’t sit on the fence any longer – you have to decide whose side you’re on.

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What does beating around the bush mean?

to avoid giving a definite answer or position. Please stop beating around the bush and tell me the full story.

Were on the fence for a long time?

Not making a decision or taking a side when presented with two options or possibilities; undecided. You can’t stay on the fence any longer —you need to choose which of the two candidates we should hire. The committee has been on the fence about the issue for years, so don’t expect any action any time soon.

How do you sit on a fence?

She did not know whether to say yes or no to the proposal, she was sitting on the fence. When two heavyweights have an argument, its best to sit on the fence and not make either of the turn against you. I was surprised when he came up with a decision, he usually just sits on the fence.

What does it mean to play both sides of the fence?

To manipulate two opposing sides of an argument, conflict, competition, etc., against one another for one’s own benefit or advantage. Janet really dislikes Mary and wants to date her boyfriend, Mike, so she’s been playing both sides against the middle to get them to break up.

Are you still on the fence?

Being on the fence means you really just can’t decide. It’s as if you’re sitting on the fence because you can’t decide which yard to play in. If you can’t decide whether to take a job or not, you’re on the fence. When you make a choice or commitment, you’re no longer on the fence.

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What mean over the moon?

phrase. If you say that you are over the moon, you mean that you are very pleased about something. [British, informal] Synonyms: ecstatic, transported, delighted, thrilled More Synonyms of over the moon.

What is a life fence?

A living fence is a permanent hedge tight enough and tough enough to serve almost any of the functions of a manufactured fence, but it offers agricultural and biological services a manufactured fence cannot. For instance, it provides “edge habitat” that supports ecological diversity.

Is on the fence a movie?

On the Fence (TV Movie 2017) – IMDb.

What is fence sitting psychology?

fence sitting. One who takes a position of neutrality or indecision, as in a controversial matter. acquiescence. yea-saying, or agreement with every item instead of thinking carefully about each one. response sets.

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