FAQ: How To Build A Stacked Split Rail Fence?

How far apart should posts be for a split rail fence?

Allow enough length to put a new scarf on the rail by use of a chain saw or table saw. 5. When installing our 8’6” rails, posts should be spaced approximately 8′ on center. Note: To compensate for short rails you may want to divide the shortage by reducing the length of rails on both the first and last sections.

What is the best wood to use for a split rail fence?

When it comes to the type of wood used to make your wood split rail fence, Western Red Cedar and Yellow Pine are the best options on the market. If you’re going with a wood fence, then these should be your choices in tree species.

Why are old fences zig zag?

For stability of the stacked rails, each section of fence is angled slightly from the previous one, giving the appearance of a worm or snake. Sometimes a pair of crossed posts would be used at the junction point of each section. This would allow the fence to be closer to a straight line.

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What is wattle fence?

Wattle is a lightweight construction material made by weaving thin branches (either whole, or more usually split) or slats between upright stakes to form a woven lattice. It has commonly been used to make fences and hurdles for enclosing ground or handling livestock.

Should I Concrete split rail fence posts?

No, the hole should be filled only with the dirt that came out of the hole and tamped back in. Concrete is bad for the wood (erodes it), and gravel simply creates a porous pocket where water can collect. Well tamped soil is very stable and waterproof. Some people use concrete for gate posts for additional stability.

Should fence rails be level or follow the ground?

When building a fence on uneven terrain, one option is to follow the contours of your yard. This means that the horizontal rails of your fence will follow your yard in a smooth line that is parallel to the ground rather than level. The contoured method works best when the slope is slight rather than dramatic.

How high is a 2 rail split rail fence?

The two standard fence styles are two-rail, which stand about three feet tall, and three-rail, which stand about four feet tall. rails are commonly available in eight- and ten-feet lengths.

How do you angle a split rail fence?

How to Create Angles in a Split Rail Fence

  1. Lay out the fence line using stakes and mason’s string.
  2. Set an uncut post into its hole at each corner that will form an angle (other than 90 degrees).
  3. Secure the post to a work surface.
  4. Cut out the wood between the drilled holes, using a reciprocating saw.
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How long will pressure treated split rail fence last?

Pressure Treated Rails Pressure treated wood will usually last about 9 and 25 years, so it comes in just under the natural cedar. This type of treated wood is also filled with chemicals – those can leach out into the surrounding ground, which is why it should never be used near potable water sources or food gardens.

Are split rail fences good?

Yes, split rail fencing is a good option for keeping both large and medium-sized animals like sheep confined to your property. However, you might want to consider going with a three-rail configuration to make sure that there’s no room for escape.

Are split rail fence pressure treated?

Split Fence Rail Rail is big and heavy and made with pressure-treated wood.

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